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Back to TopEngine System

Engine Components

Piston Ring

Cylinder Sleeve

Crank Oil Seal

Connecting Rod


Full Engine Gasket Set


Gasoline Engine

Diesel Motor

Lubrication System



Oil Pump Driving Chain

Oil Cooler

Oil Pan and Sealing Packing

Oil Pump

Ignition System

Lgnition Wire



Ignition Switch

Spark Plug

Ignition Lock Cylinder

Cooling System

Expansion Tank Cap

Radiator Fan


Fan Blade

Expansion Tank


Fuel System

Fuel Pump


Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Spray Nozzle

Fuel Filter


Back to TopPower System

Steering System

Tie Rod Adjusting Bolt

Power Steering Oil Box

Steering Shock Absorber

Steering Gear Dust Cover

Ball Head and Repair Kits

Tie Rod

Brake System

Brake Pump Repair Kit

Parking Brake Lever

Brake Caliper Bag

Clutch Wheel Cylinder

Clutch Master Cylinder

Muliti-channel Protective Valv

Drive System Parts


Balance Bar Bushing Set

Transmission Oil Pump

Transmission Shaft

Front and Rear Axles

The Clutch Arrows Casing

Back to TopCar Appliance

Cleaning & Maintainence

Reserve Tank Pad

Face Board Wax

Antifreezing Solution

Rain Enemy & Fog Enemy

Cleanning Supplies

Repairing Car Wax

Vehicle-mounted navigation&voi

Car DVD Player

Car MP3 Player

GPS Navigation

Hands-free Microphone

Power Amplifier


Car Around Decorating Parts

Air Purifier

Air Freshener

Seat Cushion

Steering Wheel Cover

Car Cup Holders

Car Carpet

Safety Protetion Parts

Tire Pressure Monitor

Tyre Chain

Shocking Alarming System

Self-service Parking System

Air Bag Restraint


Back to TopBody and Accessories

Seat and Parts

Seat Frame

Seat Sliding Rail



Safety Belt

Other Parts

Cleaning System

Wiper Blade

Water Spraying Electrical Mach

Sprinkling Can

Wiper Arm

Other Parts

Automobile Parts

Triangle Warning Board

Lifting Jack


Tool Box

Other Tools

Around Decorating Parts


Door Trim

Door Lock

Rearview Mirror

Window Regulator

Font and Rear Bumper


Steering Lamp

Xenon Lamp

Headlamp Adjuster

Angle Modulation

Fog Lamp

Font and Rear Headlight

Mental Plate Stamping Parts

Wheel Fender

Machine Cover

Car Door

Door Hinge


Back to TopElectrical System

Sensing System


Velocity Sensor

Brake Sense Line

Oxygen Sensor

Oil Level Sensor


Generator and Starter

Automobile Rectifier

Starter Parts

Starter Stator-rotor

Starting Safrty Switch

Engine Stator-rotor

Electronmagnetic Switch

Air Conditioner & Electrical P

Window Regulator

Brake Light Switch


Combination Switch

Warning Lamp Switch

Voltage Regulator

Wiring Harness and Joint



Wiring Harness


Storage Battery


Back to TopCar Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair Tools

Tire Gauge

Hydraulic Tools

Pneumatic Tools

Electric Tools


Scan Tool

Maintenance & Repair Equipment

Panel Beater Equipment

Welding Equipment

Wheel Balancer

Tire Changer

Collision Repaire System

Spray Booth


What Can We Bring Buyers?

Numerous Reddable Auto Suppdders with TüV Certificate.
We have over 34,000 high-quality suppliers all over the world, of which 2,000 are core suppliers. We made strategic cooperation with TÜV to make sure that each supplier is elaborately selected
Your Free Purchasing Agent.
We can act as a free purchasing agent on buyers’ requests and provide services of purchasing and delivery, being directly responsible for the cargo claims as well.
Competitive Prices and High-quality Products.
We do not make any profits from the course of dealing but by charging technical service and value-added service fees annually from suppliers. Therefore, the prices that buyers get are Ex-factory Prices.
OA Sales Service for Credible Buyers.
“Trade Credit” is a financing & risk-defending tool well built by FACE TECH for global buyers. Through “Trade Credit”, buyers can apply for a credit period of 180 days at most and gain different financing amounts according to their own operation states and scales. “Trade Credit” helps buyers achieve the maximum utilization of funds and minimum of risks in the international purchasing.

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